Fargo mom expresses concern after child's close call with car

Published: May. 18, 2019 at 5:44 PM CDT
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A Fargo mom says she’s concerned about her child’s safety after her 9-year-old daughter had a close call with a car.

Afton Jorud loves rollerblading to school, especially during the summer months. However, the 9-year-old said her recent scare nearly made her retire at a young age from skating.

“I'm short and tiny so I agree that they don't see me. But I'm normally wearing like this yellow neon jacket,” Jorud said.

Jorud said a car pulled up next to her as she was rollerblading along the curb.

“I hear this vroom, and I'm like what… I was on the road because there really wasn't a sidewalk there,” Jorud said.

She immediately relayed what happened to her parents who were behind her.

Her mother Holly Jorud said this is an all too common issue in their southwest Fargo neighborhood.

“There's been many times where young drivers have just, you know, raced around the neighborhood,” Holly Jorud said. “I know neighbors and I have...hollered out to them. Slow down. Slow down.”

Her children spend most of their days outside either biking or rollerblading and Jorud said they shouldn’t be scared of being hit by an oncoming vehicle.

“I always tell my kids make eye contact with the driver so that they know you're there,” Jorud said.

At one point it got so bad with fast drivers in her neighborhood that Jorud had a sign near her home asking drivers to ease on the speed.

Jorud said in speaking with us, the purpose isn’t about picking on the young driver who may have hit her daughter. Instead, the attention should be on drivers needing to share the road and being on alert.

“People just need to be reminded, ‘oh it’s summer now. People are out,’” Jorud said.

According to the city of Fargo’s ordinances, rollerblades are restricted on roadways.

Bicycles are only allowed on roads, nonetheless, they must follow the same traffic laws as vehicles.

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