Fargo man speaks up about toxic mold issues in his apartment

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Kevin Storey has lived in his apartment for over two years. He says when it rained on June 3rd his apartment had become far from the safe haven he once believed it was.

"Burning throat, ears, coughing, congestion, drainage, sick to the stomach sometimes a little more," said Kevin Storey.

Those symptoms are from what he says is the toxic mold that has plagued his apartment.

"They are not clean, they have got mold in them and there is nothing you can do basically, when we leave here we have to throw just about everything away," said Storey.

Storey isn't exaggerating about throwing everything away. He tells us the mold has eaten away at expensive pieces of art. He also says beneath his carpet is filled with mold, and many of his personal property like clothes and furniture are damaged.

"We have the right to a habitable place, a place that the carpeting doesn't get wet every few days," said Storey.

So Storey went to his landlord. He says the landlord told him he was the reasoning for the mold. Storey is still in that apartment, and he tells us his landlord says he has to stay there until his lease is up.

"Get out of here and get well and hopefully it doesn't take too long," said Storey.

Storey says even if they find a new place the damage is already done. Now he just wants others like college students and families with young kids to see his story on his apartment number 113.

"They are not going to take the mold out of the walls, they are not going to take the mold out of the carpeting, they are not going to fix things, they are not going to fix the floor that is broken that water gets through," said Storey.

Documents show that a mold tester did confirm Storey has 7 different types of toxic mold packed in the wall and air conditioner. We reached to Campbell Properties to get in touch with the landlord for a statement on the matter, and we have yet to hear back from them.