Fargo man leaves a bold statement after recent vandalism

Published: Oct. 26, 2016 at 5:02 PM CDT
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It's a heated and polarized election and people in the area say they are targets of vandalism for supporting their candidate.

"Don't vandalize my darn property, not at all, leave me alone" said south Fargo homeowner Andrew Peterson.

We're less than two weeks out from election day and many people have campaign signs out. One Fargo homeowner has a message to the vandals and people out there upset about his campaign signs.

"I think more people come through here than just the people that live in here," explained Peterson.

Peterson and his family live at a busy corner in south Fargo right off of 25th Street South. He says 28 signs he had displayed, supporting the libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, were taken from Saturday into Sunday night.

"They were taken in haste and some of the stakes in the ground were mangled," stated Peterson.

Peterson says it was the second vandalism incident that happened in less than two weeks and he wasn't going to let the vandals win, so he decided to put up 50 more signs in support of Gary Johnson.

"They left the one for Marty Riske and the one for Jack Seaman on the fence," said Peterson.

In addition to putting up the 50 more signs, Peterson put a message up for the vandals and thieves saying he's watching them. He also urges them to find a candidate that they support, so they feel no need to tear down others.

"This political climate everything it's just so filled with animosity and I feel it's the wrong way to go about it," explained Peterson. "If you really like your person, if you really stand by your person, build them up. You watch these debates and they are gross."

The signs have gotten the attention of people. With numerous drivers slowing down to read them, Peterson says his message is more for the vandals.

"You are not going to beat me, I support this man." stated Peterson. "I support this man 100% and well by golly this is my property and I am going to do what I'm going to do and If I have access to more signs I will put up 50 more."

Fargo Police say they've been taking calls about campaign signs being taken or damaged. Many are reports of vandalism or theft.

In the City of Fargo, you don't need a permit for political or garage sale signs, but they must be on private property. They can be in place for up to 14 days and cannot be on the boulevard or other city right of ways.

Due to the increased number of complaints about signs in the right of way, the city is enforcing that rule and will confiscate signs in forbidden locations.