Fargo man fed-up with apartment management, after waiting 9 weeks to fix mold problem

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- UPDATE:

Dale Schultz tells us the morning after our story ran, workers came into his apartment and cleaned up the mold. He said, they'll have it all cleaned up and new carpet put down by the end of next week.


A Fargo man is fed-up with the owners of his apartment building. He says water got into his apartment, hes been living with a mess for the past two months and he's just plain sick of it.

So he called our Whistleblower Hotline and shared his story with us.

"I told them twice if not three times, I need that room done," says Fargo Resident Dale Schultz.

Dale Schultz has lived in these apartments for over two decades. But now, he is tired of waiting. You see, it all started about 9 weeks ago.

"It was the 10th of October, I walked into my office and it was just wet, totally wet," says Schultz.

Water had leaked into his apartment. So he called the apartment buildings management who came in and cleaned it up. But fast forward a month later when Dale says, he noticed black mold.

"It was pretty bad so they cut out the sheetrock to see if anything was coming from there and that's where they found the cracks in the foundation," says Schultz.

And since then, nothing. The wall is still missing its sheetrock, the carpet is still ripped up and all of his furniture from that room has been moved into the living room.

"The last time was the third of December. They were in here and all they did was look and leave," says Schultz.

And on top of everything else, the room with the mold is his office that he works out of. He has a private accounting business there.

"I said, 'you know you've ruined about $1400 worth of my file cabinets and my printer for something that's not my fault'," says Schultz.

And he tells us, hes told this to apartment management multiple times.

"Something's gotta go. I just hope it's not me," says Schultz.

But he's still waiting for something to be done.

We stopped by the office of Schultz’s apartment and reached out to the president of Goldmark but have yet to hear back.