Fargo man charged with child neglect after being found naked covered in blood

CROOKSTON, MINN. (Valley News Live)_ A Fargo man has been charged with child neglect after Crookston Police say he was caught running naked with a baby -- both covered in blood.

Court documents say 29-year-old Derek Henre told police he thought his baby's mom was going to kill them Friday night, so he jumped out of a second story window with his baby in his arms.

Henre also allegedly climbed over a barbed wire fence and fell a total of 10 times while holding the baby.

Records show that Henre and the baby were picked up and taken to the hospital after a Crookston resident saw Henre and the baby running near State Farm in Crookston.

That’s when Emergency Room nurses treated the 7-month-old baby for lacerations. They also said the baby was ice cold when brought into the Emergency Room.

Henre is charged with a Felony, which is a maximum sentence of 5-years in prison, a $10,000 fine, or both.