Fargo liquor store owner confronts thief that stole from her store

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) The owner of a south Fargo liquor store is trying to track down the man who stole from her store.

Jodi Plecity tried to chase him down, but he got away. And now she's asking for your help to find out who the guy is.

"They came in and grabbed a bottle and proceeded to walk out the front door," said Jodi Plecity.

Jodi Plecity is the owner of Lakemode Liquors. She said, when she saw a man walking out of the story with a bottle of booze without paying for it, instinct kicked in.

"I went running out the other door to try to catch him when he got in the car and I just went up to the window and started banging on it," said Plecity.

But he wasn't alone. There were four men in the car when she walked up to it before the vehicle drove off.

"Hindsight's 20/20 because they could have pulled a gun on me or done something to me," said Plecity.

And the liquor they stole wasn't cheap, costing nearly $70.

"It was a top shelf knob creek," said Plecity.

Now Plecity is wondering what she needs to do to protect her store in the future.

"Do I need a baseball bat? What can I do? I have to protect my livelihood and I will," said Plecity.

And she has a message for the culprits.

"I'll do whatever I need to do," says Plecity.

Plecity posted the surveillance video on the store's Facebook page. We attached the video to the bottom of this story as well.

She is hoping someone will recognize the men involved. There were 4 black males in 4 door white car, with North Dakota plates, 058 BCD. She says, the vehicle had an upside down license plate.