Fargo high school student wins 3 national photography awards

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- A Davies High School junior is making a name for herself nationally. Her passion for photography opened her eyes to other parts of the world.

This year wasn't any ordinary prom for Olivia Propeck. You may be surprised to know that she's an artist.

"I've done art since I was super little so it's always been something in my life that I've done consistently," said Propeck.

The teen brought her camera with her on a mission trip to Jamaica.

"I took a little blue point-and-shoot which is actually kind of ironic because that was the camera that I first started on," said Propeck.

Propeck took various pictures of locals with her simplified camera. She said that the simplified version allows her to document the people more.

She said she brought the photos back with her and submitted them into the National Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Her photo titled "Jamaica 2018 (2)" won the gold medal in photography.

"It was my favorite because I think it showed the most emotion and I think it was a really good symbol of what that trip was like for me," said Propeck.

And her prom date? He was last years national award winner.

"It's really nice to have someone that has the same common interest as me," said Jakob Bloomquist.

Olivia's mom says her daughter is different than other girls her age.

"Her passion for art and for people around her," said her mother Sara. "She's very caring and giving."

The Propecks said that Olivia was invited to New York City at Carnegie Hall this summer for the big art show.