Fargo golf course is looking for the man that broke in and stole thousands in golf equipment

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- A Fargo golf course is still looking for the man that broke in and stole thousands of dollars in golf items.

"Yeah, it's scary to think that somebody would do that," said Lisa Schwinden, Osgood Golf Course PGA Head Professional. "To vandalize and break a window like that and come in and steal items that are that expensive."

Schwinden said she's never seen anything like it at the Osgood Golf Course. Surveillance video shows a white male walking alongside the pro shop, grabbing the door handle and walking away, only for a few seconds.

The man came back around the corner, took off his hat, shirt and shoes, and smashed the window with his wedge gold club.

He climbed inside, grabbed three putters, a set of irons, two new drivers, a used driver, wedges and took a Callaway hat on his way out.

"The drivers are retail $529-549 the set of irons is over a thousand dollars the putters are a couple of hundred dollars a piece," said Schwinden.

She said the total cost of the items is close to $4,000. In Schwinden's 14 years of working in the shop, she never thought something like this would happen.

"My job is my passion, so I love being here," she said. "It's a community out here, so they feel like a part of their stuff has been damaged too."

Although the man that broke into the store was only there for a short period, Schwinden said that video will always stick with her.

The Osgood Golf Course says they're actively working with the Fargo Police Department to find the man that did this.

If you have any information, please contact Fargo Police at 701-241-5777.