Fargo family wants stolen dog back

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)-- A Fargo family is devastated. They claim someone broke into their house and stole their beloved dog. And that's not all.

Amanda Scgmieg has been in and out of the hospital a lot the last few years. She's there now for a blood infection. And as a single mom with two teenage boys, she says, it's been tough.

"It breaks your heart because you want to be able to help your child as best you can and it's hard to do that from a hospital bed," Scgmieg says.

She bought her boys a dog to keep them out of trouble.

Kota is a Norwegian Elk Hound. They got him about two years ago. He's a really important part of the family.

"My dog is my baby and my son's best friend," Scgmieg says.

But when her boys took a break from visiting her in the hospital, they came home to a startling surprise. Kota was no where to be found.

"I was scared, I was anxious and I was crying," Tristian Harold, son, says. "There were too many emotions going through my head to even get a plan of action."

They believe Kota was stolen, right from their home. Scgmieg says she called police but they told her, there's not much they can do.

There was no sign of anyone breaking through the front door, but the kitchen window was left open.

"Whoever took him, please just bring my dog back," Scgmieg says. "Take him to a pound or something. You just don't realize the heartache."

Kota wasn't the only thing missing. One of her son's bikes was also stolen. While that bike is replaceable, Kota isn't. And they just want him back home.

Scgmieg says the bike is black and green and is asking anyone with information to contact law enforcement.