Fargo family throws surprise 90th birthday outside nursing home amid COVID-19

Published: Mar. 25, 2020 at 5:24 PM CDT
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A Fargo family says it’s going to take more than the Coronavirus to stop them from celebrating their grandma’s birthday.

Tuesday was a special day for now 90-year-old Phayme.

However, plans for a big party at her home at Edgewood's assisted living were put on hold due to COVID-19.

“She was sad that no one could come for her birthday and none of her friends could come to her room. We just knew we had to something for her,” granddaughter Kari Kleingartner said.

So, to Phayme’s surprise, her family brought the party to her! Standing outside a lobby window, 11 family members sang 'Happy Birthday,' and peered inside as their favorite grandma opened presents.

“It’s uplifting to know that they took the time to do all this! It was great,” Phayme said.

“To see her happy and smiling and to talk to her and to see her it was pretty awesome!” Kleingartner said.

Kleingartner adds this isn’t going to be Grandma Phayme’s only celebration. She says the family is ready to throw a proper party, without a wall between them, once COVID-19 is all said and done.

“She’s like the light of the family. She’s just fantastic,” Kleingartner said.

As for how Phayme feels to be 90??

“90.. Fine. I don’t know! I haven’t been in this 90 business very long. Ask me next year!” she joked.

Phayme says most of all she’s just thankful for a loving family and another day.

“I hope I can make another year! I only ask for one year at a time when you get this old,” she said.

Phayme is currently staying at Edgewood in Fargo. If you have a loved one living there as well, you can set up video chats or window visits by calling 701-365-4741.

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