Fargo family has two children with rare illnesses, gets help from community

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - "You know, when you decide to have a baby, you don't envision anything like this, you don't picture cancer and you don't picture organs on the outside of bodies."

Fargo mother of four, Christina Reynolds has a new baby named Kadyn. He's been living in Sanford's intensive care unit ever since he was born four months ago.

"Kadyn was eight weeks early, born with an omphalocele,” Reynolds said. “So his internal organs grew outside of his body...he also was born with pulmonary hypertensions, so he's got high blood pressure in his lungs."

But Reynolds isn't new to the hospital life, as fellow Fargo mom, Sueann Chase, explains.

"Their older son was dealing with a cancer diagnosis,” she said, “so they already knew Jake had cancer."

"Maybe almost three years ago now, we found out that he had a, what's called a desmoid tumor...It's extremely rare, about two in a million," Reynolds said.

Reynolds says her older son, Jacob Records, has been dealing with the pain of the tumor for the past almost three years, as they’ve looked for ways around chemotherapy to shrink it.

But now having to resort to chemo, they’re thankful he likely won’t lose his life.

"But we are potentially looking at a loss of limb situation," Reynolds said.

Fargo community members started a YouCaring page, to help raise funds to get the family needed treatment—which includes moving to Denver, Colo.

"If there's a way to get them to the right people, whether that's in Denver or in Boston or wherever, that's the goal, right? We just want them to be better," Sueann Chase, who did not start the page, said.

So far the parents will only bring baby Kadyn, who needs the immediate medical attention there.

For now, Jacob will stay in Grand Forks with his dad and stepmom, and will commute back and forth to continue treatments in Fargo.

"We all work together as a parenting team and make decisions together and...we really want to keep our family together as much as possible," Reynolds said.

That's why Reynolds hopes her son, Jacob, and the rest of the family will all end up in Denver soon.

"There's a fantastic place in Colorado that their expertise is in dealing with rare tumors and the extremities, so our plan is to get him down there and see if they can help him out with that as well," she said.

But it won't be easy.

"That's expensive, it's time consuming, it's hard to leave a community that you love, and that loves you,” Sueann Chase said, “and I just want to help them with everything that I can."

Reynolds says that love they've received from the Fargo community has helped them get through the tough times.

"It's a lot of putting one foot in front of the other,” she said. “And literally just taking it day by day and sometimes hour by hour and drawing strength from our family and friends and all the people who've come alongside of us and encouraged us."

To donate go to: https://www.youcaring.com/shaunreynoldschristinareynolds-834172?fb_action_ids=2236066666419264&fb_action_types=youcaringcom%3Adonate