Fargo business owners upset and confused after building almost collapses

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- Devastated, confused and upset. That's how some Fargo business owners are feeling. They had to get out of the building that houses their businesses on 13th Ave. South. The roof there is collapsing and the place is surrounded with caution tape. And now, they want to know what's next. Their customers are waiting and they can't give them answers because they're looking for them too.

"Yesterday was pretty devastating for me," says Helping Hands LLC Owner, Kathleen Siewert.

Kathleen Siewert owns Helping Hands. Today was supposed to be a special day, she was set to move-in today. But instead, she can't get into her own business.

"I have no options right now. I’m just waiting to hear from somebody, anybody," says Siewert.

Siewert says she and her fellow tenants noticed leaks in the building on Monday. They also spotted the roof bulging. So they called Prairie Property Management about it. But Tanya Peterson, also with Helping Hands, says she never got an answer.

"I sat here and waited for somebody to come out and nobody came out," says Tenant, Tanya Peterson.

And now, the condition of the building is so serious they're not allowed back in. It's particularly a big problem for the owner of a tailor shop in the building. She has prom dresses, wedding dresses and she has no idea what's going to happen to them. She too has no answers

We talked with someone from Prairie Property Management to see what the future holds for these business owners. They tell us they are working with their insurance carrier, contractors and engineers as quickly as possible to determine the most efficient and safest way to remedy the current situation.

As for the business owners like Siewert, they are left on the outside of their businesses looking in, not knowing what to tell their customers.
The Fargo Fire Department tells us the area around the building is not safe to be at. They say with the heavy snow coming our way, there's a good chance the building will collapse soon.