Fargo Teachers say district wants classroom safety pulled from contract talks

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(Fargo) Valley News Live Fargo Teachers are using Facebook to keep their union and others up to date on their latest attempts to reach a contract agreement with the district.
On a Wednesday post, the Fargo Education Association indicated that the district had offered teachers their steps and lanes on the salary schedule, with a 1.5% increase on the bottom cells. The teachers say that the offer came with a contingency that the FEA no longer talks about safety and NSA contributions. The FEA accepted the salary, but would not agree on the contingency terms. The FEA says that the board withdrew their offer from the table. The Facebook post ended with "Next meeting, May 23rd, 5:00pm".

Money and safety were key issues during last years failed negotiations.
Last May 17th, the FEA declared an impasse in the contract talks. The 2 sides went to mediation and a 3 person panel offered its recommendations. After a state mandated contract negotiating session failed to reach an agreement, the district issued one year contracts
that included no added contract language on a teachers right to safety.