Fargo Police and volunteer search parties investigate new leads in the search for Savanna Greywind

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Fargo, ND (Valley News Live) Saturday afternoon marked one week since Savanna Greywind's disappearance and the Fargo Police Department says their detectives are following up on leads in Dilworth, Minnesota, looking in cornfields and a grove of trees with specially trained dogs. They're also pouring through hours of security footage to try and figure out where William Hoehn and Brooke Crews were in the hours surrounding Savanna Greywind's disappearance.

As police were searching, so were dozens of volunteer searchers who had come in from as far north as Belcourt, North Dakota. The Greywind family has received a few good leads over the last two days, and those volunteers were combing through every last foot of land to find any signs of Savanna.

Volunteers like Fargo resident Benny Schill say Savanna's disappearance hits close to home. He has family from Belcourt, Savanna's hometown, and has a unique understanding of what her family is going through saying, "I've had family members disappear and well it involves a child and that's more upsetting for me."

Schill's local truck group, After Dark Trucks, wanted to join the search for Savanna. The group builds all terrain trucks and brought them to Oak Grove Park to offer their help. They plan to take the trucks down paths and through fields ATV's and smaller vehicles, or people, may not be able to get to.

Through Friday night into Saturday volunteers followed up on multiple strong leads. Family spokeswoman MJ Krogh said, "basically we've moved into a lot of different areas throughout a 12 mile radius now instead of a two."

The tips lead searchers back to a more specific location within Buffalo State Park and a park in the Moorhead area. They also continued to focus on the leads they had in the Trollwood park area. Despite the leads and tips gathered, there are still no official signs of Savanna.

The week has taken a toll on the family and volunteer searchers, with Krogh saying "it seems like it's a huge puzzle and the pieces are starting to come together but we'll never have every piece... until Savanna's family has her."

Krogh went on to say the family is focusing on the joy of possibly bringing home the baby girl found on Thursday afternoon once DNA tests and proper paperwork has been completed.

For volunteers like Schill, they will continue to search until Savanna is brought home. If you would like to be a part of the volunteer search parties, click the link on the right side of this page to access the the Help Bring Savanna Hole Facebook page.