Fargo Police Chief shares emotional post on anniversary of Jason Moszer's death

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) Fargo Police Chief David Todd posted an emotional message about the day one of his officers was shot in the line of duty.

Chief Todd recounts the hours before the shooting happened, what happened when he told Officer Jason Moszer's wife about the shooting and the community's reaction to the loss.

He says he still gets emotional when he thinks about Moszer and he wants people "to understand the deepness of the loss and our duty to never forget Officer Jason D. Moszer and to honor his family for his service and sacrifice."

David Todd, Fargo Police Chief:

Four years ago, I went home after lunch with a terrible headache and climbed into bed not feeling well and crashed hard into a deep sleep. I think it was God’s way of preparing me for a couple of days of no sleep about to occur. Later that evening I was awakened by a phone call about an armed standoff that would end tragically starting us down a road of loss, grief and sorrow forever impacting many of us.

There’s no book you can read or class you can attend that will ever prepare you to lead your department through the loss of a brother or sister officer. We were still reeling with emotion from losing Lt Jeff Skuza to suicide a year and a half before.

That night I raced to Jason Moszer’s house to tell his wife Rachel that Jason had been shot and get her to the hospital as quick as we could. I knew his condition was critical, but I didn’t know how critical. Banging on her door and ringing the doorbell woke her up and brought her to the door. She could see me through the window next to the door and collapsed on the floor crying before she could unlock the door. She knew the only reason the chief would be at her door at night is if something horrible had happened. There is nothing you can do to prepare yourself for the sight of that and the raw emotion of it.

We got to the hospital and listened to the doctor and learned Jason’s wound (a gunshot to the head) wasn’t survivable.

Things seem a little blurry after that, but despite our grief I do remember several amazing things. The community wrapped it’s arms around us and supported us, Rachel and the Moszer family. Our department drew closer together than it ever had before. Other departments stepped in and helped us by taking runs and covering the streets for us. I got to know Rachel who’s one of the strongest most caring woman I’ve ever met and I got to know the amazing Moszer family.

It’s still an emotional thing for me and that’s okay, it should be. As a chief I’ll tell you it’s devastating to lose one of your officers. You’re responsible for them and you carry that responsibility internally constantly. It’s your faith and the amazing people surrounding you that help you through those darkest moments. I’m grateful for that.

So why do I tell you all of this? I want people to understand the deepness of the loss and our duty to never forget Officer Jason D. Moszer and to honor his family for his service and sacrifice. I also tell you this because it’s important to remember there are amazing people surrounding each of us that will help you if you let them.