Fargo-Moorhead streets flooded after storm strikes the Valley

FARGO, ND. (Valley News Live) - A storm passed through the F-M area Tuesday afternoon leaving many streets and residential areas flooded.

There were many low-lying stretches of roadway that became impassable.

Drivers along 25th Street South between 13th Avenue and Main saw such high water levels that it caused some vehicle to stall and had to be pushed from the water.

Marissa Svaleson, who lives in south Fargo, says she was driving near the area of the West Acres Mall and couldn't believe how much water she was seeing.

"I've never seen that much water anywhere driving around town ever," Svaleson said.

She said she was able to make it around OK. Others were not as lucky. A pair stalled in a mini lake, more commonly known as the parking lot near the West Acres Mall.

"My buddy here, Cam, he decided when he sees a lake, he wants to drive through a lake in a parking lot," said Aaron Vonasek, a visitor to Fargo from East Grand Forks.

With no cooperation from their car's engine, the pair sat hoping that once it dried off, it would start again without any lasting and usually costly damage.

Let others stand as an example. If you see water on the road, turn around and don't take chances.