Fargo-Moorhead preparing ahead of snow storm

It's better to be safe than sorry. Fargo, West Fargo and Moorhead have all taken necessary preparations ahead of the weekends potential snow storm.

Lee Anderson, with the City of Fargo Public Work's Department, says that crews will work in shifts with a minimum of 25 pieces of equipment out on the roads.

The City of Fargo plows over 2,000 lane miles of road. Like West Fargo, Fargo will first start with emergency routes and then move into residential.

West Fargo is also making sure their plows are up and running. The City of West Fargo has done maintenance on their entire fleet, which includes checking oil, radiators and tires.

The city has brought in 700 tons of salt and 300 tons of sand for their Brine trucks, in the event that they have to use them to clear roadways.

Both the City of Fargo and West Fargo want to remind drivers to give plows enough room and make sure they are able to see you before switching lanes.