Fargo-Moorhead area business community appears to back dumping N.D. "Blue Laws"

FARGO, N.D. The metro area's business community wants to see North Dakota's “blue laws” done away with.

An instant poll taken at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast gathering, finds 77 % of the crowd there, back allowing stores to open before noon on Sundays.

"Sunday Opening" is just one of the topics discussed at the annual "State of the Cities" report.

It's where the four mayors: Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and Dilworth, talk about the year past and the year ahead.

They agree the metro-area is most definitely growing, but say while that's good, it also means challenges.

Finding an adequate, well trained work force is one of them.

Two of the mayors at the gathering are new, West Fargo's Bernie Dardis and Moorhead's Johnathan Judd.

Judd took the opportunity to pitch his city as the site for a much talked about performing arts center.