Fargo-Moorhead Storm Damage

For some, the rain and windy weather only brought a yard full of debris, twigs and branches.

One Fargo resident called his storm damage a "menace."

But for others, the storms were far more than a little menace. This was the case for one Fargo resident whose roof top was completely ripped off the top of her trailer.

"I was looking out the window right here and my hands were on it," said Renae Mund. "I could feel my trailer kind of going to go over. I heard these weird noises and next thing I know, I saw this roof just go up in the air, fold in half and fall down."

Mund said she has lived in her trailer for nearly 10 years now and has never experienced any kind of winds like today's.

But, she wasn't the only one who suffered severe damage from the storm. Just 15 minutes away, at an apartment complex in Moorhead, a family said they woke up to their house shaking when an uprooted tree slammed into the front of their apartment.

"When I came out, I saw that this tree was uprooted," Moorhead resident Zak Amin said. "I just checked with my neighbors and they said no one was hurt, but it is still scary."

The tree covered the entire front entrance of the house. The family said the tree nearly went through the window where their daughter was sleeping and that they were lucky no one was hurt.