Fargo Man Making Olympic Curling Ice in PyeongChang

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We hear a lot about the athletes competing in the Olympics, but one Fargo man is helping each team have the best chance at a medal they can though his job of making ice.

Shawn Olesen has been in PyeongChang even before the Olympics started because he and a team of 20 people could make ice for Curling.

"I do a lot with USA Curling at National events and I let the right people know I was interested." Shawn says.

He went to South Korea last year to work the World Jr. Championship which was like a practice for the Olympics. About three times a day the crew shaves and re-applies the ice so athletes have the best surface they can for playing on.

But it hasn't been all work, Shawn got to attend the opening ceremony as well as some of the events like a USA Women's Hockey Game.

"When we do get away, go out to eat or something, just experiencing the culture, everybody's been great to be around, everybody is happy to see us, they've been taking really good care of us, it's been fun." Shawn says.

Ice making is an important job, and one Shawn is thankful for.

"It's pretty amazing when you do realize where you are at and what you are doing." Shawn says.

When Shawn returns Monday the work doesn't end, he starts work on Tuesday for the USA Curling National Championships, then is off to Las Vegas for the World Men's Curling Championship in the end of March.