Fan's tattoo predicts Eagles' Super Bowl win 9 months early

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FLINT, Mich. (WJRT) -- If you think sporting your team's colors every single day of the year is enthusiasm, just wait until you see what else Philadelphia Eagles super fan Gerard Tims did before the season even started.

"2000, I became an Eagles fan, followed Donovan McNabb closely, love the team. Used to play corner in college, so Troy Vincent, Bobby Taylor were good people, good idols that I looked up to," the Flint, Michigan-native explained. "After awhile, I just started getting more and more into the team."

Which is pretty evident by what he wore to work Tuesday. Tims came in decked out in Eagles gear, including football pants; but what's underneath is even more bold.

Tims has a tattoo with the Super Bowl 52 logo and below it reads Philadelphia Eagles 2018.

"I knew it, I knew it and I never went away from it, never said, ah shouldn't have done it," Tims said. "Never got that feeling one time!"

Thank goodness! Because that tattoo was inked into Tims' chest 9 months before the win, on May 15 last year.

He said it's been a nerve-wrecking season.

"My voice is still gone, my voice has been gone since the playoffs started. I haven't got it back yet," he said. "I just prayed, please don't embarrass me. I don't don't want to get embarrassed and everybody was waiting for it."

Tims' coworker shared a photo of his tattoo online and Tims said people thought he was crazy.

"Yes, absolutely, beyond crazy! So, I mean, I'm not even on social media; but, it was bad. A lot of fans did not like it," he explained. "Other than that, I didn't care, I stuck with it, even when Carson Wentz got hurt, even when Jason Peters got hurt. I stuck with my team."

And the Eagles pulled it off, winning their first Super Bowl in the team's history.

"It was tough watching that 'til that last pass hit that ground. And I went shirtless, ran into the snow and did a snow angel in the middle of the snow!" Tims laughed.

The excitement is far from over for him this week. Tims is headed to the parade in Philadelphia this Thursday.

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