Fall leaves create a nuisance and dangerous driving conditions

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- "I'm used to the cold, but I'm not a fan," says Emma Johnson. Johnson has lived in the Midwest her entire life, so snow doesn't surprise her - but snow in the early fall does. "I think it's a little too early for it to be snowing," she says. "I knew it would snow before Halloween, but this is pretty early in October for it to be snowing I think."

While she was caught by surprise, Fargo's road crews were ready and waiting.

"Salt trucks, sand trucks out all day," says Lee Anderson, Fargo's Public Works Supervisor. "We're ready for anything that might potentially happen tonight."

Anderson says his crews have been busy keeping city streets clear thanks to fall's iconic leaves clogging drains. The blocked drains and gutters created puddles and left slush on the road - leading to dangerous driving conditions.

"It can get pretty slippery out here even if it's not iced over yet," Johnson says.

"Leaves falling plugging up the drains. It's been more of an issue today than the snow falling has been as far as sanding or anything. We've had ponding water on the streets because the inlets are blocked with leaves," says Anderson. "We've been addressing them all day. You unclog them, the water moves down they tend to clog again so we've been chasing them around most of the day and we will throughout the evening also."

Still, Anderson's team and other Fargo residents hope they'll get a break from the snow before winter really rolls in.

"We have not quite given up on fall yet, even though it doesn't seem like a fall day. We're hopeful to be able to complete more projects before we turn our full attention to winter," Anderson says.

"I've got my heat on like 85. I like the warm, not the cold," Johnson adds.

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