Fairgrounds Buzz Ahead Of Opening Day

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO)- There were a lot of people at the fairgrounds getting things ready for Thursday’s opening day of the Minnesota State Fair.

Crews from the Department of Natural Resources arrived early Wednesday morning to begin stocking its fish pond.

Three dozen species of fish from Minnesota rivers and lakes will be on display, from sunfish to sturgeon, fairgoers will get to see these fish up close.

The fish are actually held in a pond off site and transported here outside the DNR’s building.

Crews spent the morning placing the fish into their new home for the next two weeks.

Some of the fish have been around for quite some time. The sturgeons have been here for more than 20 years and are some of the largest fish in the DNR’s pond.

“You’re not going to find an assembly of fish like this. This is really unique because it’s pretty much a spattering of everything we have in the state, as much as we can collect,” DNR fishery expert Don Schrader said.

Food vendors are also on site prepping, and farmers are getting livestock into their places.