Facebook post urges Measure 3 supporters to destroy oppositions signs

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- What started out as a joke on social media snowballed into opposition against the opposition to Measure 3.

More signs for and against Measure 3 are being stolen.

This post on the ND Legalization Initiative page got a lot of reaction on Facbook.

It says 'if anyone wants to waste the oppositions time, money, and resources go to the link for a sign.'

Then the post goes on by saying, 'if they do drop off a sign, be sure to cut it up.'

"This kind of foolishness is as I said before, it's just campaign shenanigans and there's really no place for it," says Norm Robinson, Campaign Manager for ND Against Legalization of Recreational Marijuana.

David Owen, the Chairman of Legalize ND agrees.

"It's not something we support. It's not something we encourage. You don't go out and falsely order stuff, you just don't do it," says David Owen, Chairman of Legalize ND.

But that's not all that happens.

Supporters of Measure Three received these in the mail.
They're burning and shredding them, and positing it on social media. Robinson says this is childish, but Owen disagrees.

"If I want to express my frustrations at them, I can do whatever I want to it. But it's mine at that point. I didn't sign up for their mailing list, they just sent it at their own free will," says Owen.

Both Owen and Robinson say they can't wait until November 6th, so all these shenanigans can go away.

If you steal a sign and get caught, you could spend up to 90 days in jail and have to pay a $1,000 fine.