FM area homeless shelters in need of volunteers

Photo: Matthew Woitunski / CC BY-SA 3.0

(Valley News Live) Seven homeless shelters in the Fargo-Moorhead area are all working together to keep people safe and warm. However, they are finding it an even bigger challenge this winter as temperatures often dip below zero.

Babs Coler, Director of Development for Churches United for the Homeless, says between 600-800 people in the metro area do not have a home to go to at night. At just the Moorhead location alone, the shelter houses about 110 people per night, including utilizing the chapel space as well.

All of the homeless shelters are so heavily packed in, that the Dilworth Community Center has been opened in order to house overflow.

From a 90 year old woman who showed up on the shelter steps, to the newborn from last week, people of all ages and entire families are sleeping on mattresses on the floor next to strangers to avoid the tundra outside.

“There’s a lot of need out there right now,” said Coler. “It’s really cold out. We’re trying to keep people safe. We don’t want to lose anybody to the weather, that seems so senseless in this area and we all know what it takes to stay warm.”

Coler explained what the homeless shelters need most right now are volunteers. The Dilworth Community Center and the on-site security they have hired will costing an additional $40,000 So financial donationsare also desperately needed.

To find out more about volunteering for a shelter in your area, we links attached to this story.