FDA cracks down on juul providers

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In the back of the classrooms when teachers aren't looking kids are using special e-cigarettes called Juuls.

"We have seen a drastic increase in electronic cigarettes in the past year," said Preston Nesemeier.

It can easily go unnoticed because it appears as a flash drive, and now the FDA is declaring juuling amongst youth as an epidemic.

"The big thing here is that they don't want them to start and if they come out with these flavoring that appeal to youth that is going to get them more to try that flavor," said Nesemeier.

To protect our youth the FDA is going as far as giving retailers and manufactures an ultimatum.

"What e-cigarette companies do a lot of times is they target youth with flavoring so you get flavoring such as cream," said Nesemeier.

If manufacturers can't prove in sixty days that they are not marketing to minors, the FDA is ready to prohibit the sale of flavored products so that e-cig use will not continue to rise.

"With the electronic cigarette you are still breathing in harmful chemicals, you are inhaling those harmful chemicals," said Nesemeier.

So is this new move effective enough to solve this epidemic?

Preston Nesemeier with Fargo Cass Public Health says if it keeps juuls out of the hands of anyone under 18, then it is a good cause.

Online sales are also one of the main reason Nesemeier says juuling is on the rise. He adds that any business owner should always do their best to make sure their product isn't being sold to the wrong age.

"Making sure they are not using fakes, making sure they are double checking the dates on the birthday," said Nesemeier.

Since the brain is still developing until age 25, Nesemeier tells us it is easy to get addicted to the nicotine and become a lifelong user.

He also adds that for any store owner who considers selling to minors, the Fargo Cass Public Health does carry out tobacco compliance checks.