Executive Order suspends evictions in Minnesota

MN (Valley News Live) - On March 23, Governor Tim Walz signed an emergency executive order saying landlords and financial institutions cannot begin eviction proceedings that would remove a tenant from their home amid the COVID-19 peacetime emergency.

"That means if someone is going to foreclose on a house, they can’t proceed with that,” sad MN Representative Paul Marquart. “If they are trying to terminate a lease, they cannot do that. If someone hasn't paid rent, they cant start eviction proceedings."

The only exception is if the tenant presents a threat or danger. They cannot be removed based on payment or breaking rental agreement alone.

"The bottom goal here is to make sure that someone has a place to stay,” Marquart said. “One thing that we are encouraging, the governor and the state, is if you don't have to leave your home, don't. This is one way in which you help stop the spread of the coronavirus."

Marquart says the number of people who could be impacted by this executive order may start to increase.

As more people are losing their jobs amid the pandemic, more people could become financially unstable.

"You know if you can pay the rent, pay the rent,” Marquart said. “Hopefully people are not taking advantage of this. It's just like when we are the ability of people to pay their income taxes now until July 15 of 2020, we're hoping people who can pay still pay because it does create a revenue problem for a landlord or a business owner, or the state in this case."

Governor Walz says in the order that providing a temporary moratorium on evictions allows these households to remain stable as they safeguard the health of themselves, their families, and other Minnesotans.

The executive order went into action on March 24 at 5 p.m. and will remain in place until the end of the peacetime emergency.