Exclusive: Family says woman accused of killing husband in Texas possibly heading to White Earth Indian Reservation

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GLYNDON, Minn. (Valley News Live) The son of a Minnesota woman suspected of killing her husband in Texas says his mother is possibly heading for the White Earth Indian Reservation.

Rose Marie Garcia, 56, fled the Lone Star State after posting bond for reportedly killing Mario Garcia Sr., 59, according to family members.

In an exclusive interview, Tony Garcia said he fears for his family's safety because if his mom Rose killed his father already and she can also kill other family members.

“If it was up to me, it would be an eye for an eye,” Tony said. “And she would be dead just like he is because she's dead to me anyways. I wish laws worked that way.”

Tony Garcia said he can never forgive his mom.

“There's many things I miss about my father. He's just a great guy all the way around. Somebody I looked up to. Somebody I wished I could be,” he said.

Rose Garcia was arrested by the Victoria County Sheriff's Office in Texas for killing her husband of 39 years.

“At first it was I love you, I'm sorry. Now it's f*** you,” Tony said.

A sheriff's report stated Rose Garcia shot her husband in the head with a single four-ten shotgun.

Tony, who lives in Glyndon, Minnesota, said the last time he spoke to his dad on June 4 he sensed something was off.

"He told me that she had threatened to kill him and chop his head off," Tony said.

About two weeks later deputies found Mario’s body on the family property.

“There wasn't one year my dad wouldn't call me and sing happy birthday to me. Not one year,” Tony said. “He did it every year and my birthday was just three, four, five days ago. He didn't call me, he didn't sing happy birthday.”

They'd been living in Texas since 2010, the couple first meant as teenagers in Detroit Lakes.

Tony said the murder has split his family apart. Mario and Rose have six kids and dozens of grandchildren.
“I would never think she would do that to somebody who treated her like gold and you know, took care of her [his] whole life,” Tony said.

Tony learned Rose wants to go to White Earth Indian Reservation, where she's from, to hide out.

“It's something you see on television and don't expect to be living it, so it's a pretty surreal situation,” Jamie Mull, Tony’s wife, said.

Investigators said Rose cleaned up the murder scene and hid the murder weapon.

Tony said he feels like Texas law enforcement failed his family by allowing his mom to post bond and then, take off.