Exclusive: Devils Lake man whose son was killed by ex-officer circulating petition for new state's attorney

Published: Dec. 12, 2019 at 8:31 PM CST
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Terry Fuller is knocking on doors near his Devils Lake home to get people to sign his recall petition.

Fuller began the process of collecting signatures recently and on Thursday afternoon wasn’t having much luck.

“Pretty quiet in there,” Fuller said after knocking on a home.

Fuller said he hopes his effort will lead to a new Ramsey County State's Attorney.

“Let the citizens decide if she should keep her job, that's all I'm saying. Let the citizens decide,” Fuller said.

Fuller’s upset that Brandon Potts wasn't prosecuted. Potts was a Devils Lake Police Officer when he shot Daniel Fuller in July of 2018.

“Until I get justice I'm going to continue plugging away at this. Danny deserves justice, he was unarmed,” Fuller said. “He was injured laying down on the ground.”

Potts was eventually fired in February after 10 years on the police department and is suing the city for wrongful termination.

Fuller has a year to collect 1300 signatures to call a new election for state's attorney and he set a lofty goal of accomplishing that within a month.

State's Attorney Kari Agotness wasn’t available to speak on camera but said in a statement that these decisions are often difficult and not always popular but are the result of the investigations, evidence and the law.

“If it's true what she said, why is the [Federal Bureau of Investigation] still looking at it. That should've been a done deal a long time ago,” Fuller said.

Fuller adds he doesn’t want to hear what Agotness has to say because he lost his 27-year-old son.

“Here's my son who I will never spend Christmas with again. Here's my family minus one...thanks to the Devils Lake Police Department,” Fuller said while staring at a photo of Daniel, who he calls Danny.

Fuller said he's hoping the community is on his side on this issue.

The FBI continues to look into the officer-involved shooting, but there's no timetable on when they'll be done.

Below is the Ramsey County State's Attorney full statement:


I sympathize with the position of the Fullers. In my role as State's Attorney I must review the evidence presented after investigations and apply that evidence to the law as it relates to charging someone with a crime.

Those decisions are often difficult and not always popular but are the result of the investigations, evidence and the law.