Ex-employee believed to have burglarized Moorhead Taco John's, according to court documents

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MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live) - Police believe a former employee burglarized a Moorhead Taco John’s in the middle of the night taking more than a $1,000, according to court documents.

The burglary happened November 2 at approximately 2:10 a.m. at the Taco John’s along Center Ave.

The suspect knew the combination to a lock box where a key to enter the restaurant is located, according to court documents. The only people who would know the combination are employees who open the store.

The suspect allegedly removed cash from each register and then opened the restaurant’s safe removing the cash that was inside.

The robber also knew the combination to the safe.

According to court documents, the suspect moved through Taco John’s keeping their head down and away from surveillance cameras. The entire theft lasted for approximately four minutes.

Moorhead police detectives saw a taxi cab on surveillance cameras drive through the Taco John’s parking lot in the same area where the suspect was caught on video coming from.

The company Doyle Cab identified the passenger to police and stated the person had been picked up from a south Fargo apartment building, according to court documents.

A credit card was used by the passenger to pay for the trip.

Taxi cab records also stated the suspect called another Doyle Cab for a pickup near the Taco John’s.

The burglar was dropped off in south Fargo and used cash to pay for the trip.

Taco John’s reported to Moorhead police that $1,214 was stolen, according to court documents.

A search warrant was filed in Cass County District Court with help from the Fargo Police Department to gain access to the suspect's apartment.

Moorhead police told us it's still an open investigation and an arrest hasn't been made.

The Fargo Police department hasn’t responded yet to our request for comment on the investigation.

We're not identifying the person since they haven't been arrested.