New email scam targeting college students

Moorhead, Minn. (Valley News Live) - A new scam is targeting college students. It’s simply asking them to log on to their student account. But once the student gives their credentials, they are in trouble.

College students are being warned. It's a new phishing scam looking to steal financial information. Students receive an email with the subject line, 'Star-ID Deactivation'. The email states that if they don't want their account deleted, they need to click on the provided link and put in their student ID and password.

Once hackers get access to these credentials, they are changing the student's direct deposit information.

"What we believe is that scammers are hoping to catch someone who is new, someone who is a freshman, who is super excited to be in college," says Better Business Bureau Outreach Coordinator, Heather Johnson.

This scam has been affecting students in the Minnesota state system. But so far, no students at Minnesota State University-Moorhead. Authorities with the customer service and IT department there say that similar scams are more common than people think.

"I would say that out of all the emails that we get here on campus, over 50% of them are blocked," says MSUM Director of Customer Support, Curtis Erber.

So many of them are blocked, that a handful of students have rarely encountered them.

"Sometimes one will get put into our emails but most of the time, the schools pretty good at getting to them before they get to the students," says MSUM Senior, William Lewandowski.

Emails aren't the only way college students are targeted by scammers. Phone calls requiring payments continue to sweep campuses.

"Students are getting phone calls saying that they owe a tax on their tuition or any extra fee and those things aren't true," says Johnson.

Whether it's a phone call or email, school officials are ready to help. If you're trying to figure out if a message is legitimate, you can contact the technical support staff at your school.