Election Day 2018: Busy voter turnout across the river in Minn. as well

The long lines at polling sites aren't only in North Dakota. The predictions of heavy turnout for the 2018 midterms appear to be right on the money, as voters are reporting long lines and extended wait times at polling places across Minnesota as well.

We visited the Moorhead City Hall polling place, where an exhausted Head Judge, Elaine Borud, tells us it’s been nonstop since 6 a.m. (an hour before voters could enter) for her and the other workers.

“We just can't keep up," Borud said.

As in North Dakota, there's much at stake for this midterm election in Minnesota—including an open race for governor, two U.S. Senate seats, a hotly contested race for attorney general, several congressional races and control of the legislature.

"I've seen just a real cross section of people,” Borud said, “and it's not a downer, it's not an upper, it's just like, 'I need to be here.'"

Moorhead voter, Marchelle Ceryes, says she showed up twice at the Moorhead Mall after forgetting her ID the first time—both times to long lines.

“Americans all love to vote,” she said, “so we're getting out there and we're really expressing our point of view about everything, so I think it's great."

Ceryes says as a Native American, it was important for her to get her vote in.

"My tribal chairman and everybody, a lot of them are more left-based, so I really wanted to come out and show the red vote for the right side," she said.

But Head Judge, Borud, tells us the long lines are not the only thing keeping the workers busy.

“Some of them are kind of rushed,” she said, “some of them come here ill prepared…some people got sent over here from North Dakota thinking they could vote here, which indeed they could not.”

Despite the long lines Tuesday, election officials say they’ve received nearly 615,000 absentee and mail-in ballots as well, as of that morning—that’s nearly as much as they received for the presidential election in 2016.