Mail suspended at East Grand Forks mobile home park due to tampering complaints

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 6:47 PM CST
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Brian Nadeau lives at North Star Terrace in East Grand Forks. A Vietnam Veteran, the 69-year-old is wheelchair-bound and uses his time to fix broken snow blowers and bicycles.

“I'm in a wheelchair so, I do got a prosthetic but I can't walk that good,” Nadeau said.

Nadeau said he limits his time going out, yet for the last two weeks he's been forced to drive to Grand Forks to pick up his mail.

“I haven't been getting anything, I always get mail. I mean whether it’s garbage mail but now I get nothing,” Nadeau said.

A notice was posted at North Star Terrace that states all mail was suspended on November 21st due to complaints of tampering.

If residents’ believe their mail had been tampered with, they are encouraged to call the East Grand Forks Police Department.

Police Chief Mike Hedlund said they haven't received any calls about such incidents and tampering with mail is a federal crime.

For the North Star Terrace residents driving to the Grand Forks post office, it is nearly six miles, which comes out to a 12 to 18 minute drive depending on traffic.

Once residents arrive to the Grand Forks post office, they have to wait in line to get their mail.

“You got to wait in line, there's a long line,” Nadeau said.

A resident of the mobile home park named Barbara was pulling in to the are where the mailboxes are located when we arrived and she said she's borrowing a neighbor's car to there.

“Put some cameras back in there, when we had cameras, you had no problem with the mail,” Barbara said.

She was also driving without a license taking a risk to get her mail.

“I hope I don't get caught,” Barbara said.

Several residents told us the landlord explained to them that mail delivery will soon resume, but they weren't given an exact date.

As for Nadeau, despite having an amputee leg, he said he can still get around town. He just hopes having to stand in line at the post office ends soon.

The United States Postal Service provided us with a statement on the issues happening at Grand Forks.

“On November 21st the Postal Service started holding mail for the North Star Terrace mobile home park as a result of numerous complaints from residents of missing and tampering of the mail. The mailboxes are not secure and will need to be repaired by the park management company. (The park management company has been informed of this.) For the safety of the mail and our customers identity we are holding the mail at the Grand Forks Post Office.

We stand ready to resume delivery as soon as the repairs are made.”

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