EXCLUSIVE: Hundreds of pigs die in Roseau County accident

Published: Oct. 28, 2016 at 1:52 PM CDT
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Hundreds of pigs have died in an accident in northern Minnesota.

It happened here, at the Glacial Lakes Ag Management hog operation 12 miles southeast of Roseau, Minnesota.

Pam Gierke, an account for the company told me in a phone interview that employees left Tuesday evening and when they came back around 6 a.m. Wednesday there were 475 pigs dead in a barn that holds around 24-hundred. Apparently an electrical circuit breaker went out and shut off the flow of air by shutting down the fans.

Gierke says she’s not sure exactly what killed the 475 pigs, when fans in part of the barn failed. It may have been a lack of fresh air. She says it was not from overheating, because they would have been alerted by an alarm.

The company is now working with State Agencies to dispose of the carcasses.

Michael Crusan, MN Board of Animal Health: “The Minnesota Board of animal health wouldn’t have been involved initially, because we were not called out for disease suspect. Where we are involved is that when there are carcasses, we have a 72-hour window where we work with the owner to dispose of those carcasses.”

So, since the death of pigs here did not involve disease, Crusan says the owners are now working with the Minnesota Pollution Control agency, to arrange hauling 475 dead pigs to a landfill that permits animal carcasses.

At this time, it hasn’t been determined exactly which landfill will be taking the animal carcasses.