Drones could help keep you safer during emergency situations

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live)- If you live in Grand Forks, you might soon see more drones flying above you.
These unmanned aircraft are part of a new program that can be used to help manage traffic control during a crash.
It can also help keep your family safe in emergency situations.

Grand Forks County is one of just three locations that is looking at adding an air traffic control system.

This means if there is an accident in the area, you might get an alert that will reroute you. Avoiding the crash completely.

"When you have a smart car out there, it's going to be able to communicate down to the cars on the ground. Maybe communicate down to the traffic lights on the ground. Maybe the Wayze app is going to be connected into this and it's going to give the most efficient traffic routing based off drone information," says Nicholas Flom.

Nicholas Flom says UAS's can replace dull, dirty and dangerous jobs.

"We're taking those dangerous jobs. We're doing them maybe quicker, more efficiently, and we're collecting better data to make things safer and more efficient," says Flom.

You would also be able to look at the system's website, which would show when and where the drones are flying.

"There's only so much space for us all to be out there. Sometimes we might have to separate ourselves vertically. Sometimes we might have to separate ourselves horizontally. When I have a couple million drones across the country flying all at one time, we want to make sure they aren't running into each other," says Flom.

Flom says this free pilot program won't eliminate jobs in the county, it will actually add more once it's rolled out.

The system is still in it's initial phase.

They plan to have a final demonstration this summer, and will send a report to the FAA, who'll decide what to do next.

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