Driver pleads not guilty in Moorhead crash that killed 2-year-old boy

UPDATE: 42-year-old Jeremy Sagvold of Sabin, Minn. plead not guilty in Clay County court Thursday morning on 2nd Degree Manslaughter and Criminal Vehicular Homicide charges.

Sagvold's hearing trial has been set up for August 14th.

ORIGINAL: We're learning more about the driver involved in a Moorhead crash that killed a two-year-old boy on Saturday, Jan. 6, at 34th Street and Highway 10 East.

42-year-old Jeremy Sagvold of Sabin, Minn. was the driver of the Ford F-150 pickup that rear-ended a car with two adults—Logan Ness of Moorhead and Alyse Engen of Breckenridge—and their two-year-old son, Zaiden Engen-Ness.

According to a North Dakota court report, last year Sagvold was found guilty of a traffic violation for following too close.

A Minnesota court report says back in 2006, he was convicted of a DWI.

Capt. Tory Jacobson of the Moorhead police confirms that Sagvold was not under the influence at the time of the crash, as he passed a field sobriety test. But he says speed is something they're looking at as a factor, given the amount of damage done and the initial information they've received.

The police also confiscated Sagvold's cell phone to determine whether he was using it at the time of the crash.

We’re told Sagvold has been cooperating. The Minnesota State Patrol is in the middle of its own accident reconstruction investigation—and won't release any details until it’s finished. It says that could take anywhere from two to six months.

The Moorhead police say thanks to media reports like this one, many witnesses have come forward, giving various visual perspectives that are currently helping with the investigation.