Driver injured after ice, snow flies into windshield from passing truck

TOWN OF TAINTER, Wisc (KARE) A driver in western Wisconsin is recovering after a chunk of ice and snow flew from a passing vehicle into their windshield Monday.

The Dunn County Sheriff's Department found a damaged Buick on a roadway in the Town of Tainter, Wisc. Investigators determined that snow and ice had flown from the roof of a straight truck traveling the opposite way into the Buick's windshield.

Pictures from the scene show how the Buick's windshield shattered, leaving the driver with minor injuries.

Dunn County Sheriff's officials are asking drivers to take the extra time to make sure all snow and ice has been cleared from the top of their vehicles before driving. A news release says that although the injuries in this case were minor, it "could have easily ended much worse."