Dozens of people warning others of 'bad checks' being used on online sale pages

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- Dozens of people have been contacting us about fraudulent checks on Facebook buy and sell pages. Now, those people are speaking out. They want to warn others about the dangers behind accepting checks from people they meet online.

“You can’t just trust anybody nowadays, it's not like what it used to be," says Mother of 13-year old victim to possible scam, Melissa Walch.

"You have to be careful with everything you do, this isn't the same town that we once all lived in," says Victim to alleged scam, Juliana Slavick.

These two local women have something in common. They are both saying, they were given or know someone who was given fraudulent checks from the same person. And there are more making those claims.

"The next day, I went on Facebook and saw that another lady had posted on the Online Garage Sale page that she got a bad check from her and sure enough, I called the bank and it was a bad check. It wasn't even cashable," says Slavick.

Juliana Slavick was trying to sell some kids toys online, when she was given a bad check for $70.

"Her exact words were, 'I'm sorry I didn't mean to scam anybody'," says Slavick.

Juliana went to the woman's home, and got her stuff back, tagging along were members of another family, who went through the same thing.

"The bank had called me and told me that the check had bounced and asked if I wanted to redeposit it," says Walch.

Melissa and Shane's 13-year old daughter was selling designer brand clothes on one of these pages. This time, the alleged scammer wrote a check for $585. It too bounced, so they asked for their clothes back.

"We did get our things back, but it's just the fact of re-selling it, re-doing everything. Like I said, on Facebook, our daughter has no trust right now," says Shane Talbot.

And now, these three along with a number of others want you to be aware that this could happen to you.

"Don't accept checks ever on the online garage sale, especially if you're buying something from someone you don't know. Don't make the mistake me and other people made," says Slavick.

After hearing these stories, Valley News live went to the woman's apartment. We tried to get to the bottom of what's going on with the woman. But she didn't answer the door and didn't return our calls.
We also contacted the Fargo Police Department to see if they are investigating the situation. They tell us, they are aware of the situation, but don't expect charges to be filed.

The officer we spoke with says these cases are more of a civil matter and encourage people to contact the state’s attorney. Authorities also advice people to use cash in these situations. If you find yourself in the same case as these people, it's encouraged to call authorities and report what happened.