Does it Work: Kovenex Home Safety Blanket

Published: Dec. 22, 2016 at 9:31 AM CST
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Water doesn't always put out a fire. Andover Fire Marshal Mike Roosevelt says throwing water on a grease fire is the worst thing you can do.

The best? A fire extinguisher.

But there could be an alternative to a messy fire extinguisher... the "Kovenex Home Safety Blanket." A commercial on "The Grommet's" website says, "The kitchen one is the size of a stovetop. It's meant to just put over the fire to smother the flames."

You can buy one online for $36. That does not include shipping and handling.

For our test, Mike and his crew heat a pot of grease to the point it's showing flames. That's when our firefighter reaches for the "Kovenex" blanket. After he lays the blanket on top of the stove, the flames are no longer showing... and the temperature above the pot drops.

"So the top was 830-degrees and now we're less than 200-degrees right at the top," Mike said.

The instructions say a professional should remove the blanket.

"It has some very light singe. But it looks like it's solidly intact," Mike said.

The makers of the blanket say it can be used multiple times, so we're going to try to use it again. This time, our firefighter covers the fire with the "Kovenex" blanket and immediately turns off the stove.

"We trapped that heat in there, so it's continuing to hold heat at 360 degrees. Brian go ahead and peel that off," Mike said.

When the firefighter removes the blanket, the pot re-ignites.

"That's exactly why you need to call the fire department," Mike said.

Before we do our final assessment, Mike and our fireman check-out the blanket's cut resistance claim on a piece that wasn't used in a test.

"That knife blade would not have gotten to my fingers," Mike said of the test.

He says the blanket has decent cut resistance.

As for flame resistance, Mike says this blanket can provide you some cover and buy you some time to call the professionals.

Does it work?

"I think in a small incipient type of fire, it does work," Mike said.

The makers of the blanket say it's also machine washable.