Do set-aside ballots make a difference?

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - "I was actually surprised that the votes were counted so fast when I was told I would have until next Tuesday to have mine counted, so I was just a little confused with the whole thing," says Dave, who lives in Fargo. He's one of the nearly 500 people in Cass County voted in Tuesday's mid-term elections using set-aside ballots. "I didn't have a valid North Dakota license at that moment," Dave says.

Now that most of the races have been called, some of those voters are questioning whether or not to finish the set-aside ballot process of getting the proper state issued ID and heading to the courthouse.

"They have taken the first step in making sure that their vote counts and they need to take the final step," says Michael Montplaisir, Cass County's auditor.

Cass County election leaders say so far, only five of the nearly 500 people who voted using set-aside ballots have brought in the documentation needed to make their votes count. But election workers say now isn't the time to give up.

"All votes matter. And we have one race in the county in a legislative district that's only 24 votes apart – so I don't know that we have any set-aside ballots in that district, but that's how important some of these votes can be," Montplaisir says.

For Dave, it wasn't a question at all.

"Had to go through a process today where I had to go down to the courthouse and the DMV just to validate who I was and where I live to get it counted. So hopefully it will count for something now," he says. "You should never give up. I mean, as soon as you give up – that's when you lose."

If you voted using a set-aside ballot, you have until the morning of Tuesday, November 13th to bring in the right documentation.

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