Divers search for new evidence in Hitterdal murder

HITTERDAL, M.N. (KVLY) Five divers from Valley Water Rescue were searching a pond today in Hitterdal, Minnesota for more evidence in the murder of Troy Yarbrough of Wahpeton.

Yarbrough was murdered in May after being hit over the head with a yard rake handle, an ax and a cinder block. His body was then burned and his remains were put in a garbage bag and buried.

We were the only news crew at the search today which started a little after 9 this morning in a pond about a quarter mile away from the farmstead where Yarbrough was murdered.

We're told the dive team found a piece of evidence last week that investigators didn't know they were missing.

Valley Water Rescue came back today with five divers and two metal detectors looking for something about the size of a cell phone.
However after almost five hours in the water, divers came up empty-handed.

We're told that unless there is new information, there won't be anymore searches in the coming weeks.

39-year-old Jason Jensen and 34-year-old Kayla Wescott are charged with aiding and abetting in Yarbrough's murder. They are scheduled to be in court again early next month. Right now, they're each being held on one million dollar bonds.