Dialysis center in Park Rapids set to close in October

DeVita Dialysis in Park Rapids is set to close on October 25th. Below is a statement from a spokesperson at DeVita:

“We recently made the difficult decision to close Park Rapids Dialysis effective October 25, after exhausting all other options that would keep the doors open. In the weeks ahead of closing, we are working with each patient to find the best treatment option for their continued care at neighboring dialysis centers.

The fact is, our center is financially unsustainable. Dialysis providers are underpaid for the care we give to 90 percent of patients, who are covered by government programs that fail to cover the actual cost of dialysis treatment. As a result, a mix of government-funded and privately-paid patients is essential for dialysis clinics to stay afloat. When that mix falls too low for too long, it’s impossible for clinics like Park Rapids to stay open.

This broken system is an issue that all dialysis providers face. It is also an issue that disproportionately harms rural areas like Park Rapids, where patients have fewer options for care. We will continue to push for change to build a sustainable ecosystem that creates better ensure access to high-quality care for everyone in need – no matter their location.”

Park Rapids Dialysis opened in 2013.