'It's my duty,' Detroit Lakes woman makes sure nobody goes hungry during pandemic

Published: Mar. 26, 2020 at 4:56 PM CDT
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A woman is trying to keep people's spirits high in her Detroit Lakes, Minnesota community. She's been in the kitchen, making sure nobody is going hungry during the pandemic.

Donna Johansson, Meals on Wheels Cook, serves up a big purpose in Detroit Lakes.

"My father was an army cook," said Johansson. "I've always helped him cook, and I can pretty much take nothing and make something out of it."

She spends her days whipping up meals for local families, elderly and four daycares.

"A lot of the people that came here and ate at this facility can't, and so for them, it's really difficult," said Johansson. "So, we make sure they get their meals. I knew it's my duty in a way. It's not just a job; it's good to do what I do."

She considers Meal on Wheels an essential business.

"Without us, people wouldn't be getting food," said Johansson. "No matter what happens with what's going on in Minnesota, we'll stay here as long as we can and keep the kitchen going."

Donna says right now they're not having any contact with their clients, every meal is left outside. But to keep this going, they're asking for your help.

"We can always use extra drivers; we can always use volunteers to help in the kitchen with stuff," said Johansson.

If you would like to reserve a meal or volunteer, you can call this number: (218) 847-5823