Detroit Lakes baby goats missing their stolen mama goat

DETROIT LAKES, Minn. (Valley News Live) - Three baby goats are missing their mama, after someone broke into their barn and stole "Manda Panda." Now the Detroit Lakes goat-breeding family is asking for your help.

Detroit Lakes goat breeders, Jim Brogren and his daughter Andrea, are playing mommy.

"When you feed them as bottles, they become very close like a pet, like a dog. They'll follow you around everywhere," Jim Brogren said.

Ever since the triplets' mom, Manda Panda, was stolen on Tuesday, the Brogrens say the babies have been having trouble drinking from a bottle.

"They're not adjusting well with it because they are over three weeks old now," Jim said. “So they're just not accustomed to a bottle like bottle babies would be when you start them off.”

Jim says he came down to the barn on Tuesday to find gates open, a broken lock and a broken window.

"When the sheriff was out, we found their tracks going through where this water is here," Jim said.

Footsteps, now covered with snow, once showed where the goat-napper made an exit.

"These goats are like our family, they're our pets more so than anything," Andrea Brogren, Jim’s daughter, said.

The breed is called myotonic fainting goats—they sometimes can become stiff and tip over.

"You just don't know what will set them off,” Jim said, “sometimes if you pick up a feed bowl, they may fall or if they get excited or a leaf goes blowing across the pasture, they might tip over. You just don't know what will do it."

They can sell anywhere from $300 to $700 dollars each. The Brogrens breed and sell them either as pets, for show or for others to breed.

The older ones enjoy eating human animal crackers. But the babies for now just need to get their milk.

"She's just really depressed," Andrea said, trying to feed one of the babies.

The Becker County sheriff tells us his team is still actively investigating, and the crime has been assigned as a burglary. The department as well as the family are asking the community for help to find her. The Becker County Sheriff’s department asks if anyone has any information regarding the missing goat to please contact them at (218) 847-2661.