Detours on my lawn? Horace neighbors say drivers not taking designated detours thanks to construction

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HORACE, N.D. (Valley News Live) - There's no shortage of construction complaints, as we switch gears to warmer weather. But there is a shortage of good routes into town, according to neighbors in nearby Horace. We drove to Horace to check it out—and found lawns that had been driven over as well as other disruptions, thanks to numerous construction projects between Horace and West Fargo.

"This road isn't an actual detour road, but people are using it as such," Horace resident, Carrie Binde, said.

Binde lives off County Road 17. When nearby construction started, she says there were cones blocking the road from unnecessary traffic. So drivers took it upon themselves to go around the cones—driving on her lawn.

"The dust was horrendous,” she said, “cars were coming by all day long."

"There were…literally hundreds of cars going up and down our road,” Binde’s neighbor, Lisa Becher, said. “It was constant traffic."

But the frustrations don't stop there. Kodi Hansen lives on nearby Sunnyside Street.

"Basically people in Horace have one way to get out of town to get into West Fargo, Fargo,” Hansen said. “...Everybody in Horace that I know of is very mad."

"We're kind of boxed in where we're at in Horace," Becher said.

Neighbors say there's just too much construction going on all at once.

"It would have been nice had the three cities gotten together and decided when they were gonna do these projects instead of all doing them at once," Becher said.

"I understand construction needs to be done and stuff,” Hansen said, “maybe it shouldn't have been done all at the same time."

Even our drive back from Horace through West Fargo and into Fargo, was full of orange signs.

Sgt. Tim Briggeman with the Cass County Sheriff's Office says officials hear the neighbors' complaints—and are increasing presence in the area. But patience from the neighbors is a definite must in upcoming months.

"It's gonna be a lengthy project and good things are to come of it,” Briggeman said, “but it's gonna be a very patient summer and trying for some that live in this area."

Neighbors say since the detour started on Monday, authorities have been ticketing drivers who are speeding and cutting across their properties. They say they’re noticing traffic has cut down some.