Department of Transportation fills with people getting ready to vote

Published: Nov. 5, 2018 at 11:15 PM CST
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With election day just hours away, people are taking the final steps to get ready.

For many people, that means making sure they have their license up-to-date to be sure they will be able to cast their vote.

This lead to people piling into the Department of Transportation drivers license office.

Some people said they waited over three hours to get their ID.

The building was filled to the point that people were standing in the doorway and even sitting on the floor.

Genna Boehn said she may have waited a long time to get her ID but it will be worth it when she is able to vote tomorrow.

"I would not forgive myself if I couldn't make it out to vote tomorrow," Boehn said. "There's a lot of issues right now that I really feel passionate about, and I know that midterm elections are really important."

The crowds of people are expected to continue through election day as people renew or change their address on their ID in order to vote.