Debt in America


NBC - According to a new study from, 65 percent of American adults don't know if they will ever be debt-free.

That includes 41 percent who don't know when they'll pay off their debt and 25 percent who expect to die with debt.

The study finds that just over 60 percent of Millennials (aged 18-37) with debt, don't know if they can ever pay off what they owe.

More than 35-percent of those Americans over the age of 73 predict they'll never pay off their debt.

On a brighter note, 35 percent of Americans with debt believe they will conquer it at some point in their lives.

Among those aged 18 to 30, 79-percent say they have a plan to wipe out their debt, on average, they expect to be debt free by age 43, and baby boomers age 66 for getting out of debt.