Deadline for new Fargo recycling program just around the corner

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) UPDATE: We previously reported that the "All-in-One" recycling program would not need any separating, and that caused some confusion. Recyclables will still need to be separated from garbage, but all of the recyclables can be placed in one bin for an additional fee.

Fargo homeowners will be automatically signed up for this program, unless they choose to opt out. The deadline to opt out is Tuesday, February 14th.

If you live in Fargo and own a home, you have only a few more days to decide whether or not you want to participate in a new one. To opt out, you can call the City of Fargo at (701) 476-4087.

"Each resident will receive a 96-gallon container in June unless they decide to opt-out of the program. The cost will be $3-per month," says Jen Pickett.

Residents will be able to throw all recyclables into one container without having to sort them. But not everyone is sold on the program.

"They're gonna charge you $3 more a month and I don't know how you're going to gain anything from it?" says Fargo resident Terry Richardson. Richardson says he already pays $9 a month for his garbage and is still able to recycle with his medium size bin. "Putting the plastic and the paper and all that in separate bins and then they pick that up on every other trash day," he adds. But Richardson will no longer have to do any of that, he can just throw it "all-in-one" 96-gallon bin.

For those who are still confused or concerned about what they're paying for Pickett says it all goes to the cost of the program. "There is a fee for it. That's because of the processing and the material has to be separated eventually," explains Pickett.