Daughters of woman missing for over two decades speak out

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live)- The 23-year search for a missing person in Northwest Minnesota continues.

The Kittson County Sheriff's Department had new eyes searching for the body of Becky Jo Look.

Becky's daughters flew in from Oregon to help the sheriff's department search for their mom.

"The respect of a person deserves to have a proper resting place instead of a unmarked shallow grave somewhere," says Lora Smith, Daughter of Becky Jo Look.

Becky Jo Look, the mom of Lora Smith and Misty Hester, has been missing since 1995.

It's been 23 years and they still don't have the closure they said they deserve.

"I think everybody needs closure for lots of different reasons, but we also would like to be able to memorialize her and have a place that we can go to like other families do when they lose a loved one. And we don't even have that," says Smith.

They just want people to know that their mom, Becky Jo Look, was a real person and a great mom.

"She was really pretty care free and not afraid to just run after something on a whim," says Smith.

It's hard for both Misty and Lora to talk about their mom, because there isn't anything to say goodbye to.

"We've taken some of that pain and taken it into strength. We just don't wear it as a badge, we're not a victim. We're strong because of the circumstances," says Misty Hester.

They say the Kittson County Sheriff's Department along with the BCI will continue to investigate and look for their mom, until it's solved and she is found.

Kittson County investigators continue to ask for any information about the night Becky disappeared.