Next-generation emergency response vehicle unveiled by American Red Cross

(Valley News Live) - Emergency responses vehicles are are at the heart of disaster relief and recovery work, and Tuesday, the Dakota's Region of the American Red Cross unveiled a new and improved response vehicle to help better serve communities.

This next-generation vehicle is the first of it's kind in the Dakota region.

Its fuel efficient, easier to drive, with lower maintenance costs and has ample storage for food, water and supplies.

And like all new car upgrades, the emergency response vehicle is now equipped with rear view cameras, as well as enhanced ergonomic systems to help Red Cross volunteers load and distribute supplies.

"The window is lower and so that as we are serving people, we can actually see them at eye level and make sure that they see the compassion were bringing, in addition to the food," said Lynn Speral, CEO of American Red Cross.

The donation to help pay for the new vehicle? Roughly $125,000.